How do I cancel my OnlyFans subscription?

Its easy to unsubscribe from an OnlyFans account – just follow the steps listed below: Go to the OnlyFans website, log in to your account, search for the account you want to unsubscribe from in your subscription list, and click the Auto-Renew button to turn it off.

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Can OnlyFans see if you screenshot?

Because Onlyfans is a web-based application, there is currently no way for the platform to determine whether a screenshot is taken on a PC, iPhone, Android device, or tablet.

How safe is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a legitimate social media platform, and its about as safe as any other social network out there. Thats not to say there arent any risks on OnlyFans. especially since money is involved due to its subscription-based model.
How do I dispute a charge on Justfans?
Email the support group at support.

OnlyFans is very clear about this: not all prepaid cards will work. We recommend you use a prepaid Visa card, since all prepaid Visa cards are accepted. Using a prepaid or debit card issued by Visa or Mastercard is another way to pay on your OnlyFans account without using a credit card.

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